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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 4:33

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Game Statistics

Game Month: Aza 2,820
Game Year: 235
Total Horses: 565,352
Mares Bred This Year: 920
Foals Born This Year: 602
Events This Month: 391

Current Auctions

E-R Annual Broodmare Auction Opens 2817 Closes 2823

E-R Annual Stallion Auction Opens 2817 Closes 2823

E-R Annual Yearling Auction Opens 2817 Closes 2823

E-R Winter Weanling Auction Opens 2820 Closes 2823

E-R Spring Weanling Auction Opens 2823 Closes 2826

E-R Summer Weanling Auction Opens 2826 Closes 2829

Eastwick Auction Opens 2818 Closes 2821

Westwood Auction Opens 2821 Closes 2824

Southlake Auction Opens 2824 Closes 2827

Player Reviews

Thanks so much for this game, and its realism. Ever since I found this game, I have been hooked from the start. There have been others but nothing like this. It all started with my love of horses, and even though I have none of my own, their is a sense of pride, when you win a show, or have a foal born that is exactly what you have been wanting. Also, this game has taught me that their is more than meets the eye, and that sometimes you have to look beyond the physical. Its also taught me, to think things through and to look beyond the here and now, and to also look at the past and into the future and then decide if what I'm going to do is the right decision. Thanks so much for the game, and for the lessons that it has also taught me.


The Original Automated Genetics Based Horse Simulation

Actual Game Horse

Actual Game Horse-- refresh to see more!

Other horse games claim to be realistic.

We actually are.

Equine-Ranch is a horse game that offers you the opportunity to participate in the horse hobby virtually. E-R is a leader in complexity, challenge, and realism. Unlike most horse games where players can dominate simply by having either extensive time or money to invest, reaching the top on E-R takes thinking and skill.

E-R horses are designed to function like real horses. They possess simulated DNA that is inherited from their parents, making them all highly individual. These inherited genetics determine their potential and it takes training, grooming, and exercise to reach it. They also have the simulated ability to learn from their training sessions.

E-R is an open concept sandbox environment. Enjoy the freedom to set your own goals and pursue them in your own fashion. While we provide the environment, you must provide the goals you wish to achieve, and the ambition, motivation, and desire to do so.

Also, unlike many other horse games that stifle player experience, E-R does not force you into playing a certain way, nor will it lead you to the "correct answer." Instead, you will face the same choices you would in real life-- and as in real life, experience the negative and positive outcomes of each choice.

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This learn-as-you-go game will challenge like no other. Breed, raise, train, buy, sell, and compete virtual horses in our virtual world with thousands of other players from around the globe.

Game Features

  • 245 horse and pony breeds from around the world
  • Over 300,000,000,000,000,000 (300 quadrillion) possible genetic combinations.
  • Advanced in-depth genetics that go far beyond just color.
  • Sophisticated inheritance system that passes genetic material from parents to foal that is true to real life.
  • The genetics system includes complex concepts like genetic linkage for genes that are on the same chromosome, filial regression, and inbreeding depression and outbreeding depression effects on quantitative fitness and fertility traits.
  • Built on the most accurate and up to date color genetics of the time based on real life published scientific research.
  • 3,370 possible color and pattern combinations with thousands of shades possible and multiple variations of patterns and varied expression of coat traits.
  • An impressive dynamic image generation system that brings the genetics to life. Each horse or pony is born looking very unique based on their coat genetics.
  • An extensive competition system with 11 disciplines to compete in. Each discipline has a variety of classes.
  • 7 competition brackets from Beginner to World Champion.
  • 7 class divisions to choose from in each competition.

Play FREE for an unlimited time! Earn in-game items just by playing!

** Basic reading ability is needed to play this game. **

For Parents