The Walkers Stables  -:-  •T•W•  -:-  Ranch # 67  -:-  Champions Bred

Welcome to The Walker Ranch!
Breeding Schwarzwalder Fuchs for Draft/Harness
Somali Ponies for Steeplechase
Icelandics for Gaited
and coming soon Welsh Mountain Ponies!

~ Showing Incentive ~
Show any of our homebred horses to Grand Champion or higher, and get a free breeding to one of our mares, or 4 free straws from any of our stallions.


The Walker Ranch #67 •T•W•
Moon Walker Ranch #1479 Ø>>
Mistery Spell Ranch ~M•S~ #10354
Hot Wood Trot Stables ^#^ #7812
Lambres Lez Douai *~LLD~* #11077

-:- Our Stallions -:-

Name Breed Age For Stud
•T•W• Flugar Icelandic 24.16 Years Old Not For Stud

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