Iyudaliha Mares Return! 11:30 am, Feb 13, 2024
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The Iyudaliha Mares are back for a limited time only!

The Importer has acquired a limited number of Iyudaliha bred mares and is making them available to you. Get yours while they're available!

Test 2 4:18 am, Aug 21, 2022
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This is another test :D

Sale!!! 11:37 pm, Oct 3, 2020
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Credits Sale 10:54 am, Sep 14, 2020
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hey everyone i need a little help paying my laptop payment i need $25 so im running a deal for today only that you can get double credits on any package

Credits Sale 10:52 am, Sep 14, 2020
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hey everyone i need a little help paying my laptop payment i need $25 so im running a deal for today only that you can get double credits on any package

Discord 6:51 pm, Aug 23, 2020
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Hi everone my name is Drew I'm the game mod. If you have an account that needs to be activated you can reach me on the Discord (https://discord.gg/D7fwYp) and I will take care of any questions or concern you have.

Sale!!! 1:46 am, Aug 12, 2020
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Flash Sale!!! 9:23 pm, Jul 11, 2020
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4th of July Sale!!! 9:17 pm, Jul 3, 2020
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payments 5:13 pm, Mar 30, 2015
Posted By: Jim W

if you have bought erc's or having problems with e-r store open a ticket with support including the order number (starts with st) and i will process it as soon as i can.
thank you,

Canidae Remounts 12:06 am, Oct 17, 2013
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I had an opportunity to visit Canidae Remounts today. I met with ranch
owner Tegan, who graciously gave me a tour of their barns and allowed me
to feed a few carrots and sugar lumps to their gorgeous horses. Tegan
also willingly agreed to give me an interview.

Question: What caused you to be interested in breeding horses in the first
Tegan: The breeding aspect of it is very interesting to me. I love playing
with genetics and rolling the dice so to speak. The researching of the
perfect stud to compliment my mare and vise versa. The speculating of what
might be produced from the pairing. The excitement of seeing the new foal
and so on.

Question: How did you decide on your chosen breed(s)?
Tegan: Appaloosas have always appealed to me. Their sweet nature, their
learning ability and of course their flashy spots. I'm so very glad to be
working with this breed and can't wait to make a name for myself within
the breed. I also have a few Percherons at my ranch. I always wanted to
dabble with a draft breed and chose Percherons because I love their rich
breed history. They are also extremely gorgeous to boot!

Question: Tell me your top 3 goals for your ranch.
Tegan: My first short term goal would be to train a horse all the way to
their Grand Championship. My second goal would be to breed a horse with a
stat percentage at or above 70% and my final goal is more of a long term
goal. It is to breed at least 25 Grand Champions in the discipline of

Question: Do you currently have a favorite horse?
Tegan: I really like all my horses here at the ranch. So, it's hard to
pick a favorite. But. if I had to choose it would be my custom Percheron
colt, Jackpot. His stats are to die for and training wise he is a dream to
work with. I also can't forget how incredibly gorgeous he is.

Question: Do you have a special memory? Maybe a funny story or an exciting
moment in the life of your ranch?
Tegan: My special memory would just be opening up my ranch. The excitement
of importing and buying of breeding and training. I love it all and look
forward to each and every day.

I want to thank Tegan for their hospitality today. If you happen to be in
the neighborhood, be sure to stop by Canidae Remounts and take the farm
tour. It's a little bit of a drive, but you certainly won't regret it!

Fresh Imports Arriving 1:19 am, Oct 10, 2013
Posted By: Nikki W *SWG*

Fresh imports are arriving from overseas! Get in touch with the Importer over at ER Imports and get some fresh blood for your herd today.

Fresh Imports Arriving 2:58 am, Aug 10, 2013
Posted By: Nikki W *SWG*

Fresh imports are now arriving! Fresh from out of the country, these horses ar just waiting for you. The E-R: Vintage! Importer has acquired a new lot of import horses and is prepared to distribute them among the area breeders. Get yours today!

Imports have been reset 1:26 am, Jun 28, 2013
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Greetings, y'all! Imports have been reset, so you're all able to import some additional horses if you so choose (and have not yet done so).